My beliefs

I believe…

What you believe is your truth/reality

Whatever you believe – you will create.

Who and What you know are both important

Need to network, win friends and influence people — as well as know your stuff and be able to execute.

Effort is required, even if you have talent

From Mindset — it’s OK and encouraged to “try”. Intellect and skill can be learned and gained with practice and focused effort.

In a growth mindset

From Mindset

The outcome of every struggle is equivalent to the attitude with which you face it.

Want a positive outcome, have a positive attitude. Source

In the “Power of Broke”

While I haven’t read the book Power of Broke (yet), the concept is similar to Richest Man in Babylon

  • Pay yourself first: SAVE before you spend. Budget saving above everything else.
  • Empty your bank account so you “feel poor”. Don’t sit on cash, INVEST it.

Do those two things and you won’t over spend.