I’m Quite The Nerd

And just to be clear – a nerd is not necessarily a dork or a geek.. There is a difference between those three…

What makes me such a nerd… A lot of things.

To name a few… I like the stock market, how computers work, solving riddles or puzzles or brain games, and backgammon (really like backgammon).

Still don’t think I’m a nerd? .. I’m laying in bed writing and posting this blog entry from my iPhone using the WordPress app… And that makes me happy… Yeah.

Oh, and did I mention I look like one too…

Below you will find a picture of me taken by John Sutter of The Sutter Group.. Who also provided me with the nifty glasses (thank you)..

They don’t look half bad, right?

No, I’m not a Harry Potter fan.

ONE MORE THING that makes me the ultimate nerd is that I look forward to the WordPress iPhone app update that allows you to put the picture in any desired place throughout the post, rather than just attaching it to the bottom.

Now if I went and hacked the source code and dev’d the update myself.. I’d be a geek.

AND if I wasn’t socially adept, I’d be a dork.

Did you catch the implied differences between nerd, geek, and dork slipped throughout?