Note to Self: Don’t Have Kids [Yet]

It was a typical morning commute: I’m driving like an asshole (trying to wake up) which prompts someone to want to race.. bring it on.

This morning was extra interesting as the racing situation I faced made an awesome analogy to life, specifically the decisions of having children.

My opponent and I started out racing in a straight line, from light to light.  He was winning.. he had the right lane choices and was ahead.. until it came to the final stretch before the highway on ramp.

You see, my opponent had a small child in a car seat strapped to the back seat.. so when it came to the open road before the 25mph curved on-ramp, he was too scared to push to higher speeds and didn’t want the hard brake before clinching for a tight turn.

How does this have anything to do with life choices?

My theory is that once you’ve made certain commitments (ie. getting married, having kids) – your risk tolerance and nimbleness to life’s curve balls (the on-ramp) lowers dramatically.

The opponent was winning when everything was easy going (the straight line), but as soon as the life conditions changed, he was not ready and had to slow down.

I definitely want a wife and kids, but don’t think I’m ready for it, yet.

Needless to say, once I entered the on-ramp, he was no longer in my rear view mirror 😀