WGS Is The Better GTL

GTL comes from a reality TV show where a bunch of idiots are video taped being themselves.

The male characters from the show made this “GTL” thing up and claim they live their life by it.

Let me define the terms:

G = Gym
T = Tanning
L = Laundry

They go to they gym (G) to have nice bodies.. go tanning (T) to “look good”.. and do laundry (L) to have fresh clothes for when they go out.

Not the worst priorities in the world.. also not the best (that statement is obviously subject to opinion).

My guess is that GTL works if your favorite thing to do is try your best to have more one night stands than your friends.

When I heard about this GTL nonsense, I immediately thought about something a friend told me a couple years ago .. “A balanced life comes down to Work, Gym, and Social” – hence WGS.

More term:

W = Work
G = Gym
S = Social

Following the same pattern, one would work (W) during the day, exercise regularly (G), and have a social (S) life as well.  Generally speaking, these three things performed in combination should lead to a happy/balanced life.

And of course, this isn’t a concrete framework which works for everybody — for instance, if you’re a stay at home mom (or dad) – then your W would be taking care of your children and home.

None the less, all the components are necessary in some shape or form. ..

Whether you go to the gym or do push/pull ups in your house doesn’t matter, so long as you get exercise.

Whether you go out to bars and clubs or your hang out with your family on the weekends, it doesn’t matter as long as you have that social aspect in your life.

That is my take on this balanced life stuff – I would LOVE to hear yours! Comment below 🙂