Find The Heavy Egg

Heard this one from the taxi driver taking us from Esfahan to Tehran.

Find The Heavy Egg

There are 8 identical eggs laying on the table (don’t worry about why).

They are all identical in color, shape, smell, etc.. identical in every way except: one of the eggs weighs just slightly more than all the others.

You can’t tell by feeling it in between your hands.. but you do have a scale (no, it’s not digital).  It’s an old-school scale, like this one:

With ONLY 2 WEIGHS – Each weigh can have any number of the 8 eggs on either side.  You must determine which eggs you are going to weigh against each other before putting them on the scale.


How do you find the heavy egg?

Leave the answer below, don’t holler it on Facebook, I want to see who can figure it out =)

SPOILER ALERT: The answer is in the comments below… It is blacked out .. but you can put your mouse over it to reveal it… don’t look if you want to figure it out on your own!