GMAIL: Send/Compose Email withOUT Opening Inbox

Here is a quick gMail tip for a HUGE #productivity boost…

If you’re like me, email is a serious part of your life.  Often times you open your gMail inbox to send an email.. but once you get in there, you immediately start reading and replying to your latest emails… and often times FORGET why you opened your email in the first place.

This happen to me several times when communicating with the people behind this website.

SO – I figured out how to compose and send an email without opening and seeing your gMail inbox (the no-inbox approach)… Here is how it’s done….

Simple How To: Send an email w/o opening gMail

You will need:

  • To be logged into your gmail account in your browser of choice
  • Know how to add a bookmark
  • Know how to use your bookmarks
Step 1: Add this URL to your bookmark bar..

Step 2: When you want to send an email without opening your inbox… open that bookmark.

(I usually open it in a new window by holding apple (CMD) and clicking.. or with a mouse, click down on the mouse wheel to open a new window)

Done… and the best part is that since you’re logged into your Google account – it still drops down the names of people you’ve emailed and are in your contacts list.. AWESOME!

NOTE: With the new gMail compose & reply being laid on top of the inbox, it seems this trick still works, BUT it ruins and links or images you might have in your signature.  I’m still looking for a way to compose an email without viewing your inbox AND without ruining your signature.  Stay tuned…

Hope this helps.. I know it makes my life a lot easier.