Skiing Is My Favorite Activity

There is no hiding it.. Skiing is probably my #1 favorite activity.

As for ski slopes in Maryland, I don’t think there are any (are there?) – But close by in Southern PA, we find Whitetail, Liberty, and Roundtop.

Those are the 3 “sissy” slopes (as I like to call them) closest to me.. but not far away is 7 springs and Wisp, which are both good fun, but I’m not sure they are worth the drive unless you have a good group (would love to hear otherwise).

Other than the local places, let’s talk Canada and Vermont!

Tremblant was AMAZING – and I’ve been to St. Anne, but don’t remember it.  I love seeing a French speaking family or couple that is laughing at French jokes.. something about hearing people laugh in different languages is neat.

In VT you will find.. Jay Peak (Awesome glades.. and if you stay in the super 8 that’s 15 miles out from the slopes, you save mucho $$).  Also in VT is the famous Killington.  I’ve been there twice, always a blast.  It’s a huge mountain with something for everyone.

Where have you been that was memorable? (do share so I can explore recommended terrain)

I’m probably an advanced downhill skiier, but when it comes to jumping, tricks, and the park.. I’m a newbie.  Don’t get me wrong, I;ll throw a 180 (my favorite/only trick) every now and then, but grinding poles and clearing 40ft gaps is not my thing (yet?).

My ABSOLUTE favorite skiing is through the trees, or the glades as they call them.

If you know where the best glades are.. tell me NOW! (in the comment box below)

I’m going skiing tomorrow!