Cooking Chicken & Chickpeas [VIDEO]

Cooking is so much fun.. especially when it’s super delicious ūüôā

I admit, I’m a chicken guy – I definitely prefer chicken with the right spices and/or sauce over a hamburger. (don’t get me wrong, love a steak, especially filet’s and top cut sirloins).

One word: Costco. ¬†When you’re witnessing in the video above is frozen chicken breasts and chickpeas.. both from Costco. ¬†When combined.. the most delicious¬†concoction¬†is created!

Poking holes in the chicken is a little trick that does two things:

1 – Helps cook it faster

2 – Allows the spices and juices of the chickpeas (and vegetables) to enter the depths of the chicken

All and all, super delicious.. AND did I mention: HEALTHY!

Spices are awesome because at worst, the have sodium – but they don’t have fat or carbs (the two things that make you.. well, fat).

Some spices have been proven to help you fight cancer and increase your immune system (I don’t know the details of these, yet.)

I love cooking.. it’s fun, delicious, and can be healthy at the same time!

Edamame: “The Wonder Veggie” – WOW!

Nutrition facts for Dry Roasted Edamame
Dry Roasted Edamame Nutrition Facts

I really don’t have much to say on this one.. have you had this Edamame stuff (specifically “dry roasted” edamame)?

If you’re about eating healthy.. and like to get a good dose of protein and fiber in your day… CHECK OUT THESE NUTRITION FACTS!

Long story short, I really don’t think you can beat that..

And if you have something that can beat this dry roasted edamame in terms of NO FAT – NO SUGARS – HIGH PROTEIN – HIGH FIBER… please tell me about it!

PS – look at the¬†ingredients… no preservatives or anything! ¬†I buy this 29oz box from Costco.

Skiing Is My Favorite Activity

There is no hiding it.. Skiing is probably my #1 favorite activity.

As for ski slopes in Maryland, I don’t think there are any (are there?) – But close by in Southern PA, we find Whitetail, Liberty, and Roundtop.

Those are the 3 “sissy” slopes (as I like to call them) closest to me.. but not far away is 7 springs and Wisp, which are both good fun, but I’m not sure they are worth the drive unless you have a good group (would love to hear otherwise).

Other than the local places, let’s talk Canada and Vermont!

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