2010 Is Already Half Way Done?

Today is July 1st, 2010 – the first day of the 3rd quarter of 2010… that means 2010 is already half way over and done with!?

That’s CRAZY! I feel like 2009 was just yesteraday, and we are already half way to 2011? How is this possible?

Time flies when you’re having fun? Time flies when you’re busy?

Am I busy and having fun? — Actually, yes – WebMechanix is very fun and definitely picking up steam… which makes me uber busy.

Anyhow, I’m making a half-year resolution:

I will be a a better human being.

2010 is already half way done!

I know you’re saying, what does that mean… well I’ll tell you:

  • Cut back on drinking
  • Be more transparent with my emotions
  • Living by a “How may I serve you” mentality
  • Become more active

That’s NOT to say…

  • …I wasn’t active before… and I’m not just talking gym and sports, you might find me volunteering and donating to charities đŸ™‚
  • …I’m going to put people ahead of myself (until I find “the one”)
  • …I’m going to stop parting

Anyway, life is good – and I want to make it better… don’t hate – congratulate.

What are you doing to make your life and the world a better place?