Eating Well Is NOT Easy

Spanish Chicken & Potatoes

See what I mean:

Halloween candy on sale
Halloween Candy On Sale

My two favorite candies (I have a sweet tooth, not good for my mid-section goals, lol) were on sale at Giant.

$1 per bag – WHAT!? I put them in my cart, but after traversing a couple aisles and picking up the healthy and delicious foods I normally get (chicken, turkey, milk, eggs, etc…) – I decided to put the candy back.

Eating Well Is NOT THAT Hard

All it takes is the right combination of spices.

I do admit that cooking and cleaning take time and resources, but I think that if you enjoy cooking and cleaning up after yourself, then it’s absolutely worth it.

(Here is a discussion about cooking or eating out – go leave your opinion there, or comment below)

Anyway – I’m 50/50 – I love eating out because the food is delicious, but I also want to be healthy (aliment free) and live for a loooong time… so I tend to cook more often.

Does this not look delicious:

Spanish Chicken & Potatoes.
Spanish Chicken & Potatoes

Ok, maybe the potatoes aren’t the best part, but it sure was yummy!

Eat well, live well.