Emotional Hygiene & Resilience

Hey! You new here? Are you on Twitter? Do you use RSS feeds? How about Facebook?Thanks for visiting, hope you come back soon! Guy Winch is a Doctor of Psychology and uses his experience to describe how humans could benefit from “emotional hygiene”. He shares examples around how we learn physical hygiene at an early More >

Sim City 5 – Update 6.0 – Population SPIKE!

The new SimCity 5 game release its update #6.0 today where RCI was supposed to get an overhaul. Well – when I loaded my city, it immediately SPIKED in population.  Did this happen to anyone else? Of course, I wasn’t ready for this and so my infrastructure couldn’t handle it. No city can handle such More >


How to: Search gMail WITHOUT Opening Inbox

Hello everyone – this is a follow up gMail “hack” which can dramatically increase your productivity.(the first post was how to send an email without opening gMail inbox) Premise: Seeing your inbox is distracting & often forces you to forget what you went in there for in the first place. <– That’s happened to make More >


Avishek Sengupta’s Memorial Service Information

The definition of tragedy For information on what happened to Avi, please read this article describing his death at Tough Mudder. Memorial Service Information Please join Avi’s family in celebrating his life and honoring his memory. He was an incredible man and an amazing brother to us all. Memorial services will be will be held More >


GMAIL: Send/Compose Email withOUT Opening Inbox

Here is a quick gMail tip for a HUGE #productivity boost… If you’re like me, email is a serious part of your life.  Often times you open your gMail inbox to send an email.. but once you get in there, you immediately start reading and replying to your latest emails… and often times FORGET why you More >

Quick Advice on Starting a Business

Sharing some thoughts on “how to start a business” and “the struggles of starting a business” … How to start your business… 1) Make your first sale & make sure you deliver 110% (always do this, but especially in the beginning) —-OR—- 2)Put something on paper, build a prototype (if applicable), and practice pitching your More >


Note to Self: Don’t Have Kids [Yet]

It was a typical morning commute: I’m driving like an asshole (trying to wake up) which prompts someone to want to race.. bring it on. This morning was extra interesting as the racing situation I faced made an awesome analogy to life, specifically the decisions of having children. My opponent and I started out racing in More >

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Re: 10 Annoying Things by Nazanin Nour

Ms. Nazanin Nour, I read some of your blog, you’re a good writer.  Sorry to hear about your bullying experiences.. for some reason that post reminded me of “Big Bang Theory”. Anyway, in response to your post about 10 Annoying things people do, and other musings ::   10. I’m at the gun range, so if I More >

Let’s Have An American Christmas, OK?

My dad forwarded me an email today which I’ve quoted below. The gist of this post is simple: A large percentage of the billions spent on Xmas gifts are on material goods that are built in China.  Instead of buying material goods, how about buying gift certificates for local business services?! America’s economy is in More >


Die Hard: 4 Gallons or Death

You have a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket – neither have any measurement markers so all you know is that when either one of them is full, you have 3 and 5 gallons respectively. There is a bomb (of course, why wouldn’t there be). You can defuse the bomb if you put More >