Way To Put On Bed Sheets

Best Way To Put On Bottom Fitted Sheet

Sometimes putting bed sheets on your bed can be hard.

The best way to put on bed sheets is as follows:

  1. Get everything off your bed and ready to put the fitted sheet on. Have your sheets and pillow cases ready on hand.
  2. Important part: start putting the fitted sheet on.. Starting with the toughest corner of your bed go get to. (there are sometimes one to two corners of a bed that you have to climb on top of the bed or move away from the wall to get to – my suggestion is to start putting the fitted sheet on the toughest corner(s) of your bed.)
    Refer to the picture below — the upper left corner of the bed is the hardest corner to get to, so start with that one
  3. Stretch the fitted sheet so it covers the whole bed, tucking a little excess under the mattress on each side.
  4. Go to the bottom of your bed and take the flat sheet by two close corners and “pop” the flat sheet over the bed by quickly lifting up and pulling down the flat sheet.
  5. Tuck some excess sheet into the bottom of your mattress (where your feet would be)
  6. Put the pillow cases on the pillows and go to sleep! Good night!
Best Way To Put On Bottom Fitted Sheet
Start putting the bottom fitted sheet on the hardest corner of the bed to get to!